Adrian's ScrapBook (CARS)


My cars (current and past), click the pictures and links to find out more.

VW Split Screen Camper
VW Golf Mk7 GTE Hybrid VW Golf Mk6 GTD VW Golf Mk5 GT Sport TDi VW Golf Mk4 GTi TDi VW Golf Mk4 TDi VW Golf Mk3 TDi VW Golf Mk2 TD VW Golf Diesel Vauxhall Astra Estate VW Camper Van VW Beetle Hillman Imp
This is Adrians ScrapBook Cars Page - Like a home web site but different Here you will find details of my cars past and present, mainly VW Golf, Beetle, Camper Van but nearly all Volkswagen. You will see a lot of the VW golf is of the type TDi representing VW Turbo Diesel.