Adrian's ScrapBook (CAR 1)


Hillman Imp - - 1982 to 1984

  • Hand Painted
  • Rear Engine
  • Drank Oil & Water for Breakfast
Hillman Imp

So old, I don't have any pictures so the image above is just an example

Bought by my Dad but was passed down for me to learn to drive in after my Sister & Brother had passed their test

So yes, it was my car and it was the car that I learned to drive in.

Hand painted by brush, "Waving Gonk" on bonnet (Made it to wave with an electric window motor) and, unusually for a Hillman Imp, electric windows (had a job lot of window winders!!) ... happy memories.

This is Adrians ScrapBook Car Page 1 - Like a home web site but different Here you will find details of my VW Beetle. You will see this is not a VW golf but it is a Hillman Imp.