Adrian's ScrapBook (CAR 11)


VW Golf Mk6 GTD - - 2011 to 2018

  • VW 170bhp Turbo Diesel
  • DTUK CRD-T Tuning box (Program 3 -5%)
  • Owned from New
  • 6 Speed Box
  • Sports Suspension
  • 225x35 18" Wheels

This could be seen almost as a like for like swap from the previous model, same engine size ( though slightly different ), same power and torque, same wheel size. Again I had to do something to increase the HP (of course for fuel economy reasons); Because of modern encryption, this time the re-map route was a bit more complex so the Tuning Box route was the way to go - though that in itself presents difficulty as the one I chose also connects to the turbo sensor which is difficult to get at.

The engine seems to be improved and appears to be as solid as the "old" 1.9

Both with, and without the Tuning Box, the power is good and it sticks to the road. It sounds more racey under heavy revving ( some special sound thing VW did ) and seems to have regained a bit of the low-rev torque which was missing from the previous model - Though my typical weekly drive still returns a feeble 40mpg, there is less time consumed. Note to self: must slow down and try the economy!

Loads of Good Points including: Speed, agility and great fun to drive. I particularly like the LED tail lights which look cooler than the newer MK7
A few bad Points: Bluetooth phone connection is ok, but missing voice dialling ( somthing VW didn't explain properly ), Front tyres wear quickly ( Delivered with Continental which only lasted around 10,000 miles ), There is virtually no storage space at the front ( front armrest has ipod connection and virtually no space ), I miss the air diffuser at the front ( to prevent full in face air blow ), Fuel Economy could be better

This is Adrians ScrapBook Car Page 9 - Like a home web site but different Here you will find details of my VW Golf GTD 170. You will see this VW golf is of the type TDi representing VW Turbo Diesel.