Adrian's ScrapBook (CAR 12)


VW Golf Mk7 GTE Advanced - - 2018 to date

  • VW 201bhp Plug-in Hybrid Petrol/Electric
  • 6 Speed DSG Box
  • Sports Suspension
  • 18" Wheels
  • Loads of extras
VW Golf GTE Advanced

After many years of promoting Diesel cars, the UK government is taking steps to make diesel a "nasty" thing of the past. This, along with a change in circumstances where my milege is mainly small local trips with occasional longer ones, the GTD is no longer really practical as it likes regular long journeys.

The GTE plug-in hybrid represents the perfect solution for my needs; Electric for small local trips, Petrol (I know ... I know !!) for longer trips. Combination of both for impressive performance.

Though it doesn't seem as quick as the "old" GTD, it is still pretty rapid when needed, though the DSG gearbox in Automatic mode does seem to have a bit of a delay before changing on initial hard acceleration.

Official figures say it has a 30 mile electric range but I have never seen more than 28 on the meter. Heating really eats into the battery but on average a full charge (costing about 86p), with non-conservative driving, gives me about 22 real miles in the winter. Having driven in the winter with pre-heat when plugged into the mains, pre-heat before the return journey on battery only and using a combination of Hybrid, GTE & Battery Hold modes, I was getting an almost dissapointing 58 mpg (when converting electric costs to equivalent in fuel)

Absolutely love the "pre-heat" option which nicely defrosts the car in the winter and can be set by timer or switched on by phone app. The Adaptive Cruise Control is fantastic and overall, despite the build quality ( VW have now joined all other car makers to cut costs [though not customer prices!] ), it is a fantastic car and, dare I say it, the best so far!.

This is Adrians ScrapBook Car Page 12 - Like a home web site but different Here you will find details of my VW Golf GTE Advanced. You will see this VW golf is of the type Electric Petrol Hybrid representing VW GTE Advanced.