Adrian's ScrapBook (CAR 8)


VW Golf Mk4 TDi 110 - - 1999 to 2003

  • VW 110bhp Turbo Diesel
  • Chipped to 137bhp/Torque increased to 227 NM @1200revs (
  • Owned from New
  • 5 Speed Box
  • Standard Suspension
VW Golf TDi 110

The Mk4 is a massive improvement over the Golf Mk3.

If you have a Mk3 sell it and buy a new one!!

With the chipped engine, performance was increased significantly (The 110 was not sluggish in its original form!) but the best is yet to come; No matter how I drove I could not seem to get below 50mpg.

Under "normal" driving conditions, I averaged between 54 and 62 mpg.

Best overall journey; 69.9mpg average speed 44mph.

Best journey MPG; 70

This is Adrians ScrapBook Car Page 8 - Like a home web site but different Here you will find details of my VW Golf TDi 110. You will see this VW golf is of the type TDi representing VW Turbo Diesel.