Adrian's ScrapBook (CAR 99)


VW Split Screen Camper - - 2015 to date

  • VW Split Screen Camper
  • RHD
  • Walkthrough Cab
  • Dormobile Pop-Top
  • IRS (Reduction boxes removed)
  • Bay Front Axle with Disc Brakes
  • VW Jim inline brake servo
  • 1776 AirCooled engine
VW Camper

I was looking for a long time for something to remind me of the "old" nostalgic days of camper vans but was bitterly disappointed when the perfect van was sold from under my feet.

Jessie is found but, as you can see, she needed a lot of work; Bit of metal, LHD to RHD, windows, doormobile roof, steering, running gear, suspension, brakes, engine, paint and interior

Not having time to undertake a long build myself, I commissioned Morcambe and Wize to build something that would be (almost) perfect. Collected Oct 2015 but then left to sort a whole load of crap out;

Thinking it would be an immediate 5 star rating, the shine has been taken off it a little because after taking delivery from MorecambeAndWize I spent 2 years correcting all of the silly unprofessional and sometimes dangerous mistakes they made.
Too many to list here but include; Leaking Fuel Tank, Missing Fuses, Dangerous Leisure Electrics, Leaking Sink, Incorrect front suspension causing wheel scrub against arches when loaded, Wrong Steering geometry meaning dangerous unpredicatable steering, Old and Knackered Front Shock Absorbers, Old and Knackered Brake Master Cylinder + Incorrect Reservoir Pipe, Overly Tight Handbrake Cables due to incorrect setup from conversion, Brake servo incorrectly fitted, Incorrect "long" Rear Shock Absorbers resulting in damage requiring welding

Update September 2017:
All things (Hopefully) fixed, no thanks to MorecambeAndWize (I have other names) as all remedial work was done either by myself, or with the steering, identification of some of the problems and welding done by a fantastic local expert at VDUBBODDYSHOP. Wish we had found VDUBBODYSHOP before MorecambeAndBloodyWize ... at least I had a chance to re-learn a few things and really get to know the mechanics of the bus!
Slowly the star rating is increasing!

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This is Adrians ScrapBook Car Page 12 - Like a home web site but different Here you will find details of my VW Split Screen "Splitty" Camper Van. You will see this VW Split Screen is of the type Air Cooled Split Screen Camper Van representing VolksWagen Camper.